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By Applying for the 2021 Seabreeze Jazz Festival I, the vendor, acknowledge and accept all risks of attending the event. This includes the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 for my staff and myself.


How Seabreeze Jazz Festival is Addressing COVID-19


The Seabreeze Jazz Festival will be monitoring suggested protocols from the CDC and Government officials to keep our event SAFE and HEALTHY.


This means that as the event approaches, event protocols may be added or changed up to the day of the show to fit the up to date status of safety with COVID-19.


Our event will be following CDC recommended guidelines for sanitation and hygiene and we will expect ALL vendors to comply with these guidelines in their booths as well.


These requirements and guidelines will be communicated to vendors in advance of the event via email and on the vendor portal, Convention Force.


In the CASE of COVID-19 Threat to Public Safety Being Considered Unsafe


  1. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival will be planning to go forward with additional safety precautions in place, however, if it is deemed that conditions are too dangerous to public safety the event will be POSTPONED to a later date.
  2. In the case of Event POSTPONEMENT, there will be no vendor or attendee refunds. In addition, if a vendor decides not to attend the 2021 Event after paying their Booth Fees, no refunds will be offered.
  3. Instead of Refunds, the vendor will have CREDIT FORWARD applied to their account on Convention Force. This credit will not expire and will be good for vendor booth payment to the next SJF you choose to Vend.


Important Dates For Vendor Applicants


Friday January 15th, 2021 by 11:59pm CST-----Application Deadline

[Submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee acceptance for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2021]


Friday January 29, 2021-------- 2021 Vendor Acceptance letters will be EMAILED to Vendors selected for 2021 from The Seabreeze Jazz Festival


All of Following are due by Friday February 19th, 2021 by 11:59pm CST


  1. Proof of Insurance (Liability and Automobile)
  2. FULL PAYMENT of Application fee and electricity fees
  3. Vendor Final menu and pricing POS Submission Form with pricing  factored including TAXES and COMMISSION
  4. Up to date W-9 Form


Failure to complete FULL payment of booth fees by 2/19/21 will result in voidance of acceptance for 2021, no late payments will be accepted.


Any Changes made to pricing or menus after original submission to the Seabreeze Jazz Festival will incur a $5 fee per item or price.


April 1st, 2021: Vendor must upload list of booth worker names to Convention Force Vendor Portal for Wristband Validation.


Set Up Dates: Tuesday April 20th  and Wednesday, April 21st,  2021 (9am - 5 PM) Check in appointment times will be distributed to vendors TBA


EVENT DATES: Thursday April 22nd- Sunday April 25th, 2021

Take Down Dates: Monday April 26th, 2021 (8am-1pm), Check out times will be distributed to vendors TBA. Booth inspection will be required prior to vendor’s departure for cleanliness and an accurate 1099 form must be on file with Seabreeze Staff.


Payment: Tuesday May 4th, 2021

Vendor payment will be electronically transferred to the Vendor’s bank account by Tuesday May 4th, 2021. Vendors will be required to submit an information form.


If Information form for transfer is not submitted, vendor will receive payment by check in the mail, postmarked May 5th, 2021.




2021 Seabreeze Jazz Festival Vendor Applications will not require an Application Fee.





Vendors are REQUIRED to make all sales using the Intellipay Cashless System, taking payment ONLY off of wristbands in the form of cashless JAZZBUCKS.


There is a 25% Festival Commission and 8% City, County, State Tax that is deducted from Gross Vendor Sales.


Any vendor found​ ​taking cash or credit card as payment will be asked to leave immediately and will forfeit all sales to date. No Cash Registers will be allowed in booth spaces, as we will provide you with a cashless terminal to conduct sales at the event. No Cash tips are allowed as we are a completely CASHLESS event.


All sales will be done by wristband through Intellipay. Vendors will receive log in information from Intellitix to access sales reports for their booth for the weekend onlin



  • Only food/beverage vendors will be allowed to collect tips from patrons.
  • For these vendors there will be a button programmed on your Cashless POS for patrons to leave tips. NO CASH TIPS WILL BE ALLOWED, they must be paid using Jazzbucks.
  • Tips are non taxable but are still subject to the ​* 25% Commission and the 1% City Fee​. Every transaction conducted through the Cashless system will have commission taken out of it.



POST Event Vendor Payment


Vendor payment will be electronically transferred to the Vendor’s bank account by Tuesday May 4th, 2021. Vendors will be required to submit an information form.


If Vendor fails to submit a form for electronic transfer then payment will be mailed.


ALL CHECKS WILL BE MAILED TO THE ADDRESS LISTED ON THE SUBMITTED 1099 FORM.  Payment will be sent post event, no in person pick up will be permitted.


Vendors must have their booth space checked for cleanliness by a Seabreeze Staff Member at vendor Check out. Failure to check out in person and failure to pass cleanliness inspection will result in a Clean Up fee to be deducted from payment.*****


Before departure, all trash and debris must be taken to the Gold Reserve Area Dumpster by vendor and the area must be free of grease and oil dumps. You will receive the net payment after deductions are made for the 25% Festival commission and the City, County, and State Sales Tax. All taxes due by vendors are paid by the Seabreeze Jazz Festival and no tax forms aside from the 1099 are required to be submitted by the vendor.


Vendors will be receiving a W-9 Form to fill out from the Seabreeze Jazz

Festival for Tax Return Filing Purposes. A 1099 form will be mailed to the Vendor at the end of the year.


I have read the information above on the Cashless system. I am aware that if I take any form of cash and/or credit card payment for services at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival for any product or service I will be asked to leave immediately and forfeit all rights to all revenue collected at my booth for the weekend. Your location will be closed and your equipment available for pickup on Monday morning during checkout and inspection.


In the Case that Eviction Occurs

If Vendor Eviction occurs, Carter Broadcasting, Inc, WILL RETAIN 100% OF ALL SALES TO DATE.


Booth Logistics:

  • Vendors will be required be bring their own tables and chairs for use within their booths. None will be provided.
  • For Vendors renting booth space under a provided Seabreeze Jazz Festival tent, basic bistro lighting will be supplied.


Seabreeze Will Be Providing Vendors With:

  1. Designated Space under Tent
  2. Basic Bistro Lighting
  3. Vendor Parking Passes and Vendor Wristbands Specified by booth size
  4. Overnight booth security
  5. FOOD vendor water hook up, gray tanks,
  6. Listing of booth name, location, and products on Festival Phone App as well as Digital Promotions on the Stage Screens between acts

All vendor items must remain within the vendor space under tent, including signs and chairs.


The Seabreeze Jazz Festival WILL NOT be providing tables or chairs to vendors, vendors must supply their own.


Vendor Wristbands

Vendors will be provided with VENDOR wristbands and are required to wear them ​on their​ ​wrists​. ​Anyone found without a wristband will be asked to leave the event.


The Vendor wristband is only for the use of you accessing the venue to run your booth. It is forbidden for vendors to set up seating in the field to watch the show. You are welcome to enjoy the event but you must do so from your booth. ​Any vendors wearing vendor wristbands who are found sitting in the attendee seating area or roaming without permission will be grounds for eviction from the event​. Vendors are ​NOT ALLOWED ​to set up chairs in the concert area prior to gates opening for themselves or friends. ​Chairs found in the concert areas prior to gates opening will be removed by the event staff and not returned.


Vendor Parking Location

Vendors may park either in the general festival attendee parking, or in the Designated Vendor Parking lot Next to the Gold Reserve Parking using their provided Hang Tag.


Seabreeze Jazz Festival DATES & TIMES for Vendors

April 22nd-25th, 2021

Doors open​: Thursday & Friday​ 2:00pm​ ​/   Saturday & Sunday ​9:00am

Show ends:​ ​10:30pm​ All Dates


Vendors are required to be operational, ON SITE, IN THEIR BOOTHS:

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021: ​ 12:00 pm noon - 10:30pm

Friday April 23rd, 2021: ​ 12:00 pm noon- 10:30pm

Saturday April 24th, 2021: ​ 8:00 am- 10:30pm

Sunday April 25th, 2021: ​ 8:00 am- 10:30pm


Vendor Check in and Setup Hours:

Tuesday, April 20th , 2021 ​ 9am - 5 PM

Wednesday, April 21st , 2021 ​ For select vendors only as assigned by event staff*****  Vendor POS Training TBA


***All vendors are required to have their booth set up by 5 PM on Wednesday April 21st, 2021. At 6pm Vendors will be asked to exit the field and remove their cars from inside the Venue. No cars are allowed within the venue after 6pm Wed 4/21/21. After this point, restocking must be done by hand cart. Wednesday, April 21, 2021​ ​vendors must attend Cashless System Training with Intellitix staff at a time TBA.


***In Order to set up Vendor Liability Insurance and Auto Insurance for vehicles being driven onto the field must be on file with the Seabreeze Jazz Festival


Vendors will be assigned a specific space at the event as selected by festival management based on size and electrical requirements​. All vendor vehicles must be in the vendor parking lot and cleared from the festival grounds by Wednesday 4/21 at 6:00pm. Overnight security will be provided beginning on Tuesday April 20th, 2021 at 5pm. Vendors are not allowed to have golf cart/gator/four wheelers or like vehicles inside the festival grounds during the event operating hours. ​NO VENDOR RV’s ARE ALLOWED IN the PARKING LOT. NO ONSITE SLEEPING IN VEHICLES. PLEASE MAKE ACCOMMODATIONS ELSEWHERE.



The festival will take place rain or shine. In the event of rain, please remain in your booth. Please download our Festival App for updates in the event weather delays.

No Returns, Exchanges, or Refunds.


Vendors will be required to scan In at gates and bags will be searched

  • Vendors must comply with General Festival Rules on Festival Entry and Security Searches: Please See to reference what items are prohibited and non-prohibited, Limit one bag per person and all bags are subject to search.
  • No Coolers, No exceptions. No outside food or drink allowed
  • Vendors are representing the Seabreeze Jazz Festival and no alcohol should be consumed during the operating hours of the event.



Insurance and Inspection Requirements

Each vendor is required to furnish Carter Broadcasting, Inc dba Seabreeze Jazz Festival, with a certificate of insurance with proof of coverage at a minimum of $1,000,000 combined single limit general liability coverage naming Carter Broadcasting Inc dba Seabreeze Jazz Festival , as additional insured. Proof of Automobile and Workers’ Compensation coverage with minimum of $100,000 combined single limit is required as well. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in a 50% loss of application fee and no admittance into the event. Food Trucks/vendors also need to send a copy of a recent Health inspection certificate. Vendors must follow all city, county, state and federal laws to include any licenses or permits needed to operate during the event.



Food Safety & Food Vending Booths

  • Food vendor areas will be inspected nightly for proper food storage and cleanliness​. ​Vendors who do not store foods safely, will be closed down and forfeit their proceeds. Food Safety is a must!
  • Food Trucks​ must check out with a Seabreeze Staff Member every night before leaving the venue so that an inspection of cleanliness and food safety can be made. If Vendor does not wish to check out in person each night, then the Food Truck must be left unlocked so that Seabreeze Staff can perform the necessary nightly inspection. A cell phone contact number for food truck vendors must be supplied in case we need to contact you regarding your truck inspection.
  • Food vendors refer to​: ​for food safety guidelines


Vendor Booth Take Down and Check Out

Vendors may begin taking their booth spaces down after the close of show on Sunday night at 10:30pm, however cars and vehicles will not be able to enter the festival Venue to pack items directly into until Monday morning after Intellitix has cleared the paths of internet cabling. Any take down that is done Sunday Night must be hand carted back to your vehicles. Take Down and removal of items from booth space MUST BE COMPLETED by 12pm noon on Monday April 26th​, 2021. All vehicles must be removed from venue grounds by 1pm on Monday. All trash and debris must be taken to the Gold Reserve Area Dumpster by vendor and the area must be free of grease and oil dumps. Vendors must have their booth area inspected by a Seabreeze Staff Member and Vendor must fill out a W-9 Form and submit it before leaving the Premises. Payment will not be mailed unless there is an up to date 1099 Form on file with Seabreeze for the Vendor.


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