What makes the Seabreeze Jazz Festival unique?

What makes the Seabreeze Jazz Festival unique? Other than the beautiful location of Panama City Beach with its white sand beaches, and Pier Park with it’s 150 shops, restaurants, and attractions next door to the show — THE MUSIC and diversity of the smooth jazz talent really make this event stand out! One example is the “Jazz All Stars” show featuring smooth jazz keyboardist, producer, and music director BRIAN SIMPSON. Check out more about him here.

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  1. Huck

    I just can’t wait for the 2016 sea breeze jazz fest this will be my lovely wife and I first time and what a line up , coming from Southern California Huck& Bert

  2. David & Gail Williams

    What makes the Jazzfest unique is the quality of the event. Everything that can be controlled is controlled to accommodate the participants. The mature, established adults crowd all know how special the week of events are to each other and respect it all the more because of this knowledge. This is why many of the same people sit in the same area year after year, and see the same people each year they attend. The entertainers are top notch; the sound system is of high quality and efficiency; the vendors are patience and generous; the prices are obtainable; the area and grounds are clean; and the time of the year is perfect!!! The only thing that cannot be controlled is the weather!!!

  3. Betsy Henderson

    I started with the Sea Breeze Jazz Festival when it was located in Destin, Florida before Pier Park was built, boy how it has grown since moving to PC. Location has made all the difference for this event and because of this annual event it has created economic development, jobs and growth. The quality of the venue, the excellence of the artist, the mature crowd from all over the country makes this event unique. It has become our annual girls getaway and we love the beaches, shopping, MUSIC and of course meeting great people. Above all of this Sea Breeze gives back to the community by donating used instruments to Bay County Public Schools and this keeps music alive for youth. I do love the introduction of the bracelets last years as I have seem them being used all over the world. Thanks for introducing them in the Florida market. Every year more and more of my Tallahassee neighbors are attending. Keep up the great work and see you in April.

  4. Cleo Parker-Smith

    Looking forward to the event this year. I l also have an extra ticket to the concert if anyone is interested. I will be at the Pier Park hotel.

    Send me an email if you want to purchase.

  5. walt

    Well it’s 2017 now and i hope to attend the SEABREEZE FESTIVAL April 19th-23rd 2017. coming in from Mississippi !!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. I hope i get to meet BRIAN CULBERTSON IN PERSON OH MY GOSH !!!!!!


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