Wristband FAQs

  1. You can ONLY access the festival grounds by scanning your wristband at the entrances.
  2. If you ordered your tickets BEFORE APRIL 10TH, 2016 your wristband will be shipped to the address you entered during checkout. Those who order after April 10th will receive an e-ticket that must be redeemed for a wristband at our Will Call window located outside the festival Main Entrance.
  3. You can buy everything with your wristband. Add funds prior to arrival on site or at cashless top up stations located throughout the event grounds. All unspent credit will be refunded back to you after the event (less a$5.00 processing fee). Credit/Debit Cards refund automatically within 10 days, so this should be your preferred wristband loading option. Refunds for Cash placed on the wristbands will require an authorization form to be filled out and does require additional time. The Cash Refund request forms will be located on our JazzBucks site.
  4. Everything at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival is priced in our currency ‘Jazz Bucks’. EARN A JAZZ BUCKS BONUS! Add money to your online cashless account by 12:01 am on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 and receive $5 bonus JAZZ BUCKS for every $100 you top up.
  5. Check out this video to learn a little more about RFID wristbands and how to use them at the festival:


What is cashless and how do I use it?

Seabreeze Jazz Festival is a cashless festival. This means you don’t have to worry about walking around the festival with your wallet, instead you pay for everything with your wristband! Your wristband is equipped with an RFID tag which has an electronic chip embedded in it, and will act as your key to pay for things during the event.

“Jazz Bucks” are the official currency of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival. You can load these “Jazz Bucks” into your account and use your wristband to purchase food, drinks, merchandise, and everything else at the festival.

Once you’ve uploaded Jazz Bucks to your account, you will simply tap your wristband on the wristband reader at the vendor stands and your purchase is automatically deducted from your account.

What if I lose my wristband before the festival? During the festival?  If you lose your wristband before the festival please email lostarmband@seabreeze.fm.

Treat your wristband the same as you would treat cash! We are not responsible for any funds stolen/missing from your wristband if you lose it.

** These wristbands are tied to your account.  Lost wristbands can be deactivated, eliminating the ability for another person to utilize it. Any wristband that is cut, stretched or in any way damaged will not be replaced and a new wristband must be purchased.

How do I activate my wristband?


CLICK HERE  to register your wristband & add funds to your cashless account!

The process is simple and only requires the patron to look on the back of the wristband and enter your unique wristband number and security code.

The security code and wristband number needed for registration are located on the back of the wristband chip.  Pull the fabric back and you will see 2 sets of numbers to use for registration.
Your UID is either 8 or 16 digits long, and the Security Number is the shorter number. Once your account is created and your wristband is linked, you are ready to go!

I am trying to register my wristband and it won’t take the number!

The number entry is case sensitive. You need to enter the number exactly as it is written. Pay special attention to the letters C, D and O and do not confuse those with the number 0 they look very similar on the code.

What if I have purchased 2 wristbands and don’t want both wristbands to share “Jazz Bucks?”

If you have ordered multiple wristbands and do not wish to share money with your friends, please set each wristband up to its own account.  When registering your purchased wristbands think of your account as a house and the wristbands as keys, and then decide with whom you want to share your funds with, and if you don’t want to share, have those wristbands register their own “house” account.

How do I add credit?

Options for adding credit to your account include:

  • In advance online.  Those adding credit of $100 or more in advance will automatically be entered into our special Thank you drawings we will conduct on stage during the weekend. So be sure to top up by April 19 for your chance to win.
  • At the festival at Top Up station inside the event grounds
  • Logging onto the event mobile application accessing your account, and adding additional credit.

EARN A JAZZ BUCKS BONUS! Add money to your online cashless account by 12:01 am on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 and receive $5 bonus JAZZ BUCKS for every $100 you top up.

What is Auto Top Up?

Selecting auto top up can be done when you create your account. This feature will automatically add 40 “Jazz Bucks” ($40) to your wristband any time your “Jazz Bucks” balance reaches 10 “Jazz Bucks” ($10) or less.

How do I know my balance?

Around the festival site, there will be wristband readers and customer care locations where you can check your balance. Furthermore, if you registered your wristband on your festival account, you can check it online any time using your browser on your desktop computer or even your smartphone by signing into your account.

How secure is it?

This system is bank-certified (Common Criteria EAL3+ for those that care to know). All data is encrypted with a minimum of 256 bit. Additionally, no information is stored on the wristband! So, if an RFID wristband is lost or stolen, simply login to your profile via the mobile application and hit the deactivate next to your wristband, or visit the customer care and it will immediately be cancelled and replaced.

What happens to the leftover credit?

All credit left unredeemed by April 25th, 2016 will be refunded in accordance with the terms below:

  • Credit Card: Leftover funds on your account purchased online or on-site at the event using a credit card will automatically be refunded back to your card (less a $5.00 processing fee) within 10 business days following the end of the event.
  • Debit Card & Cash: Leftover funds on your account purchased on-site at the event using debit card or cash will require you to complete a Manual Refund by May 23rd, 2016 in your online account page (less a $5.00 processing fee). Upon verification, the refund will be processed within 10 business days following the closure of the refund form.
  • Any bonus Jazz Bucks received from the festival will not be refunded.

CLICK HERE for Manual Refund Form

    E-mail address:  seabreeze@intellipay.support
                                         For Customer Service or Questions — Call 850-851-0955