Jazz Festival Poster Art
Julie Borden is the 2016 featured artist whose work with be on our event poster as well as other items. Read more about her here and visit her website for more information and to see more of her artwork.
“Prolific”  “amazing color”  “truly unique” “mesmerizing and compelling”

These words and phrases that are often heard describing Borden’s work. A master of color and creating astounding combinations using them, is one of Borden’s trademarks of her artwork. Julie Borden earned her BFA from the renowned, The Rochester Institute of Technology. To date, Julie has completed more than 700 commissioned works of art.  This artist is truly a testament to the statement, “Art has no boundaries”.

Her work was featured at Animation USA Gallery during “Popular Culture Artists of The 20th Century” with such Pop Art Icons such as Andy Warhol, Peter Max and Burton Morris. Borden started winning accolades and exhibiting at highly regarded shows such as Art Expo New York, Buyers Market of American Craft, the Boston, Dallas, NY and Atlanta Gift Shows in addition to multiple local and regional art shows.  Julie was a coveted NICHE award finalist at the Buyers Market of American Craft with her whimsical “Baby Grand Piano and Musicians Chairs” handcrafted and painted table set.

Borden has exhibited and was part of the Celebrity Gift Bag businesses represented at the annual Night Of 100 Stars, Oscar Party Gala, at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California.  From June 2005 through 2011, Borden’s artwork was selected as the featured artist for the Association of Young Musicians, located in Hollywood, California.

Borden’s dynamic designs have led global companies to license Borden’s original artwork, under her brand, Juleez™.  Companies including, Liss Global, Pacific Enterprise, Dayton Hudson Corp., Train Tree Inc., HerDoo’s, Amscan, and Season’s Catalog, Pacific-Enterprise and HerDoo’s.  Additional licensee’s include; Fabri-Quilt, C. R. Gibson, Leisure Wear, Buchase Ltd, Lindy Bowman, Ball Corporation, Borders Unlimited, Lamp In A Box and DecalGirl.

Julie’s dynamic paintings continue to evolve with her use of color and style, enticing viewers to explore new and sophisticated compositions and techniques. Musical themes, and contemporary painting combine with amazing colors to instantly draw the viewer into the private world of the artist.  New directions continue to keep Borden as an innovator of the unique. Commissioned works are another one of Julie’s strengths, and she works on them year round for clients throughout the United States.

For more information please contact Julie at:  401.261.7060  or through her website here… www.juleez.com